Sunday, June 04, 2017

about the inequality felt by women theologians...

i think that ultimately, i believe that theology is people trying to understand God better. So today, we have more people join in to understand God. History t is what it is... white men are the ones who have started this endeavour of studying theology. But i believe that God has used them (white men). Fast forward to today,  coloured non men (think transgender, women) etc join in on this understanding of who God is. We do not start from zero. While, it can be sad that we were not represented at the start, the point is not to be the first. The point remains we are trying to understand God. So, we start from a place of gratitude (of who God is),   join in the quest of learning, and possibly explicate gaps of thinking caused by group think of white men... . its about God. its bout different people trying to understand God.

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