Thursday, December 18, 2008

my martha stewart days...


Its been a while. Just wanted to blog a little about my days so far. I have been on leave this week and wonder where did all the days go? It's Thursday night and I don't remember what I did this week. I remember waking up at 1030 going yawn... is it time to wake up?!.. Sigh. I am not a morning person...

So, a recurring theme for most of this week includes......

1) Little Nyonya
Yes, this is the cheezy channel 8 serial. It is so bad its soo good. Haha. All activity stops by 9pm where I sit glued to the google box and when its 10, hope its 9pm the next day. :)
2) Cooking!
Yes, a part of me wants to cook for healthy nutrition and also because I am soooo tired of MSG food. Tonight was a joint effort between my dad and I, he did the disgusting thing but I did the fun stuff. I learn today that to fry a fish nicely.... it requires a lot of oil! :)

my dad removing the inerds. Was tooo disgusting so he did it. haha.

The Stuffed Fish (Kuning with Sambal and Onions)

My dinner date. Haha. I dont have a photo of all the fishes when they were cooked because I did not add enough oil while frying... So they are not the preetiest. Oops. Check out the wholesome soup as well.... :)

Besides these domesticated tasks, I have recently felt haggard and weary. This feeling have been lingering for a while now and has resulted in me going on a little runaway to Ayutthaya. But thats a story for another time. The point I was trying to drive at was... I went for a pedicure today. Haha. Quite fun! Luxuries once in a while. So, since I don't do this all the time. I always wonder what is a good colour. In keeping with the festive season... I have decided on the following.. :)
Haha. taking pictures of feet to make it look nice is a very difficult task.. Haha. I think that feet is really a humble part of the body. Its quite amazing that of all parts of the body, He decides to wash the feet. one of the dirtiest part. I can understand Peter not wanting Jesus to wash his feet. Anyway...

So, anyway. nothing too deep for this post. I love my break for now. Until next time! :)

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

fear and dreams

Had a dreadful dream. :( My God is mighty to save.

I pray all will go well and this is an unfounded fear. :(

Journey mercies to all...

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Rites of passages

first day of school, first failure, first success, first friendship, first relationship....

don't worry... it is just one of those things. this too shall pass... our God stays constant and people still love you...