Sunday, June 22, 2008

The lighter side of things...

This toy greets me everyday I come home from work and cuddles me at night when I am alone in my foreign room. It doesnt complain despite being on the floor in the morning... My nails are newly painted and they are meant to keep me entertained. They are of the same color, and each plays a vital part in keeping me happy... :)))
ok. back to work. Pout.

All i want to do...

I am currently writing an investigation summary report. Bleah. So, as a reprieve, i google very random sites from soccer, make up, music lyrics, Pete Sampras, Stefi graf etc.. you get the point. I am currently procrastinating.

Mommy is here and she is sleeping now. We did some shopping, did our nails, i did a facial and then went for dinner. We ordered a bottle of beer together. This is definitely a first.. haha. Quite funny but it was altogether nice. Its nice to have company i guess. i do so many things alone sometimes i think it is not the healthiest....

Anyway, something has been on my mind lately... I guess it has to do with me making arrangements to send out letters etc. I think about what love is. haha.not in the flowers and chocolates way, but i think that I want to be a grandmother that has weathered it through with my husband that i love more with the passing of years and is still graceful and smiley and know that life while tough, has been beautiful. Recently, I realise that the only way i am getting to becoming a grandmother is actually through living everyday of life now... there is no other alternative.

With this application, one of the questions asks about my career aspirations. While i always tell people i love, that i want to make God happy, i realise that I am all about the people. Concepts, while great, do not intrigue me as much as people, human relations do. I remember watching sesame street when I was 3 and being hooked on it not because of the learning o the A-B-Cs etc, it was rather the little snippets of drama that takes place with the people livin on sesame street. hah,yes, i am strange that way...

I am born of the instant society. Want things now. With work, I slowly understand things take time. There is a process involved. God, please be with the things that are so very dear to my life. I pray you will open my eyes to walk the path of goodness, even if it is at times through the valley of the shadow of death....

I wanna make you smile whenever you're sad

Carry you around when your arthritis is bad

All i wanna do is grow old with you

Friday, June 13, 2008

Audacity of Hope

I like Obama because of many reasons, but mainly because he gives me something to believe in. Yes, I know, he is probably not the most straight and honest person out there but he is the more honest person in this race... I shall not even begin to slam the character of McCain.. Dont like him.

Hope in the face of discouragement. Hope in the face of realities, issues and practicalities. :(Hope that is not the same as wishful thinking. Hope that in time to come.... My God will be mighty to save. :(

On an another exciting note... someone tried to rob me yesterday! i can go home now.... had my brush with crime here though I never thought that this was possible. I was walking down the road as I do for most nights on my way to dinner when suddenly a motorbike rides really near me and tries to take my money pouch!! Thankfully, I was holding to it rather tightly, he sort of scratched my hand while trying to get it and I glared at him (yes, peirong can glare).. anyway, they drove on when they failed... Quite shocking. I guess it is good that no bodily harmed happened. I never expected this in Laos, so much so for a sleepy country. The scary thing is, the first thought in my head was... cool, I have something to blog about. haha. happy they didnt take my phone away:)

Ok, have a good weekend. I pray that God will continue to watch the work situation in this office. I think i get emotionally involved with the people I work with, not in a replace frog way, but in a I really want to help them way.

God made me... cannot reject myself for being emo... Going for a staff retreat with the staff here next week. Should be fun. have a great weekend.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Love never seeks its own.....

don't understand this sometimes... :S According to Mat, I tolerate, don't say anything and then suddenly... explode. Haha. I would question the accuracy of this but I am wondering where is the fine balance between telling one what you want and not seeking your own...

I am happy I have my whole life to figure out what Love means. Maybe with the same animal, maybe not. But it is good to know that it is fine at the end of the day if I mess up today, it is not the end of the world.

Emo weekend. I think it is cos of the ridiculous stress during the week. I never knew that watching bbc and cnn can reduce me to tears. haha, i think i reached a new threshold. :) My brother said.. well, I guess crying can sometimes be fun. haha. er, no. i m just emo. sorry. beah...

Need to get ready to go to small group church/discussion. Bleah. I dunno how to get there n tuk tuk driver will cheat me. :( charge me 4 dollars. NOT fair. bleah. sigh. :(Need to learn this bike thing. Scared after one rather traumatising experience.

This suden contrast of heaps of social activity at home and the staying in hotel room by myself now makes the latter a lot harder to adjust too. Happy thing is the hotel people all know my name now.. "P-rong, the driver waiting you downstairs", "P-rong, where u going?" etc... I guess it is nice to be a familiar thing to people..

Dear Lord, please don't give up on me..Oh, I bought the movie adaptation of the francine rivers book "Sin Eater", can i watch it instead of going to church?:) Hmmm. sigh. I really don't want to make small talk. Shy, ..... Ok, got to shower anyway.

Catch u soon. Muack.