Monday, September 25, 2006

Time. Love it and Hate it.

You know how when you watch movies, read books or hear stories,... Time is not an important factor as to how the plot unfolds. The difficult, mundane and ugly gets glossed over only to live the exiting, meaningful and eventful.

How untrue this is about the walk of life though. How often do we work ourselves up for a moment? This work probably lasts 90% of the time, but the only justification of this time is in "I worked really hard"... What steals the limelight is the moment of glory, of abundance and of event.

What shall I do while walking this straight and narrow path? Yes, how much have I cried about this? I lose track. But yet I yearn for that light at the end of the tunnel soooo bad. I cease to question if it will happen, but I am now trying to walk the road of quiet confidence. (though I am not quiet yet. hee, still whiny and uncertain and wondering). But this walk I will take with my head lifted high. With the gentle quiet spirit that does not cut another soul but rather uplift the soul.

God says that if you believe it with ALL your heart, it will come to pass. I will believe that life is more than social norms. Not because social norms are bad. But because God cannot be boxed in social norms.

Sure I am young and seemingly less burdened-hence less reason for disappointment. But dependence is not time bound. dependence is an act of the will. Yes my little girl, as you grow older, you dont want to rely on people. but as you grow even older, you realise that you are crap alone and it is with people and God that the picture is complete. When peace can be established and it can be said that the soul is well.

I am speaking in code. Sound like Jacintha in Singapore Idol. :P the point of this post is to enjoy the ride. the 3 lines in a book that often represent us most of the time. Nite world. the eyelids are drooping.