Wednesday, August 31, 2005

things that happen to me...

Need to write this down.. Rather hilarious if you ask me.
But shhh, cos I am in the office now, but.. Nobody is around?!?!?! Again.Oh well, Will find something to do later but now.. Let me just give an account of my bus trip to work.

Normally, my alarm will ring at 645 and I will snooze it till 7-730 ish.. But today, I couldnt get back to sleep and I woke up...:)Thought I would try to get into work early.. Well, on time if not early. Anyway, took my bus and it is a one hour or so bus ride. Yup. Because i get bus sick should i attempt to read, the routine now is to get the ipod out and attempt to sleep.

if I get on the 745 bus,( which I got on today),2 really adorable american boys will also board with their daddies to go to school. These boys are as different as can be. At a tender age of maybe 6, one of them is probably the most popular boy.. He had a certain air around him.. however he wasnt the friendliest. The other boy had gingered curly hair.. He was the sweetest little boy ever. But a little out of place. While he would go sit with the popular boy, that little boy would put his bag down and not let him sit..Basically not being too nice to him.
Anyway, it is really a sight to see these 2 kids with their daddies.. I like the ginger hair boy!:)

so, I continued to pretend to sleep and when I finally decide that it is too cold where I am, I woke up and moved up a seat. There was this other guy there and after a while he started talking to me. People who know me know that I am perfectly happy talking to strangers.. Yup, but this guy.. Hmmm. .... interesting....
we started talking and I think during the course of our conversation, he asked me 3 times if i was married. haha. 1) do I look that old???? Whine. 2) hmm, why ask 3 times? 3) Why do I only attract these kinds of people??? (remember guy when I was crossing road in NZ?) Yup, But we had a conversation.. thank God that i was on the last leg of the incredulously long bus ride, so we didnt have to talk too long.
Hmm. am i being sensitive? there are nice guys which have good intentions. hmm. i met one last week, and then there are guys who are just trying. you never know...

Oh well.. this is indeed an interesting start to my long day of work. Excited for dinner though, I think I am going to eat steamboat! yeah! (hopefully this materialises)...

Have a good day people. God is good.

Monday, August 29, 2005


My first Business trip
Went to Bangkok, just came back. Becos I work in the Regional office, half of my colleagues are there..Went to Bangkok to meet the lady that I am suppose to be under.. Got too many direct people that I report too. I am confused.. Well, this happens when you are the lowest down the food pyramid.Hmm, but I am glad how things went in terms of wad I am suppose to learn. hopefully, I dun forget it all. Yup, glad that my colleagues there are nice and supportive and all happy to help me. Hope I was not too much of a bother.

Anyhow, should I be honest, the highlight of my trip is not work.. (gee why are you not surprised???) On the last night there, went out with a colleague(is that how I should classify you? hmm, well, thats the first place I met you.. at the printer..)
Anyhow, went with him to learn photography with his boss and had dinner and did a little shopping.. Hmm. I am getting old. My idea of a good time together involves good conversations more than other things.. Yup, it never fails to amaze me when it is so easy to bond with what was once a complete stranger. Anyway, thank you Lord for putting friends in my life who help me share these special moments...

Oh, need to mention another blessing. On my way to Bangkok, sat beside this lady who basically decided to adopt me..we took the cab together to my office and she was like a mummy. Hmm.A nice start to a first trip...

First competition

This is my first time in such a competition..Don't think that I really wanna say wad it is for but I need to talk about it. Haha. for one, it is quite a weird feeling to be constantly judged for something that is quite foreign to me. I need to learn to be more confident. Hmmm. " a gentle and quiet spirit that does not give way to fear"....

Yup, I am so not used to the real world (in the sense of bitchiness etc). But I wanna be a light.. Pray I will not cover it.Oh. I feel kind silly, Silly because I took part in the spirit of fun. But as you go through it, you can't help but feel competitive about it and all, and with the great amount of physical attributes in this competition, it can get quite out of hand..
Hopefully, I will always be doing this in the right spirit. I was so scared today I was actually shivering....

first love
Infactuation or the real thing? Everynow and then, you find a special friend... somebody that you can clique with.. And that is special. I really like to meet people, understand where they coming from and through them, learn a little bit more about the world. But with such a mindet, one bound to meet somebody who seems great and blows you away and shakes that equlibrium...well.. then what? What holds you together to your first love? commitment? hmm. I pray that I will be honorable in all my dealings. I so understand why people stray from their sweethearts and break ups happen...Lord, i surrender them to you my thoughts...

lalalala, today I watched million dollar baby. It is such a good real sad show. I think that it is sad when motivation comes out of desperation, anger or lack. I wanna be a fighter because I believe in it.. Pray I will aways have that faith... Yup yup yup then. thats all folks for today! thumbs up for a good and fruitful day tom!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My first day of work....

Today was my first day of work at World Vision.. Woke up at 615 cos I was afraid I would be late... Took the 702 bus and reached Chai Chee at 802.. A good half hour before I was to be there...

SO anyway, I got in at 830 and I met up with the colleague that interviewed me... She is this nice lady. Haha, sweet, gentle and nice... So she was showing me thousands of things.. (orientation package, my contract, some cds etc etc).. and she lost track of time.. There was devotions at 9 and we only reached at 915.. which was when devotions kinda end and announcements were given... Yup, So i was an annoucement. Haha, I must have said hi to at least 20 people today. Today was a shy day though, I was just trying to not get into people's way.. So weird. I still don't really know how to react to colleagues, cant be friendly like friends, people at church, hmmm, oh well.. Learning curve is going to be fun..

After devotions, I got my desktop.. a pentium 4 IBM.. hahaha, no ibook or apple for me... spent the next 10 mins or so trying to rip off the plastic covering of my new chair.. got a new everything. Exciting... I also had to learn lotus notes.. Hmm. Before it was even installed in my PC, I already had mail sent to me...

SO while I was watching an orientation CD, this phonecall came and I had my first real task given.... Photocopying. Haha, 16 copies of 9 sets of notes... Yup. Ms photocopy... I am glad to say that I am not the bottleneck.. the machine was.. haha. it photocopies at an average speed of 3 secs per page.. which would be very slow when you just have sooo much to photocopy.. While I was still at it... suddenly, my boss goes.. okie, lets go for lunch.. I had to drop everything and take the wallet and go.. Haha, I was actually rather hungry! So there were other people around and so I had a treat.. (zi cha)... heh. Boss paid. I think it's cool to pray together with your colleagues... Lunch was alright. After a while, back to office.

Yes, to the pgotocopying machine.. you would think that such activities are no sweat.. But.. IT WAS HARDWORK... Heh. I was like so exhausted listening to the photocopier and suddenly I had a time limit.. Hahaha. Oh well. That was done and I met up with the computer guy to teach me Lotus Notes... heh..

Not mentioned that throughout the day, I was given bits of information on what forms to fill for what kind of claims.. Hahaha. after the 5th piece of information. I am like.. ok, information overload. I can't take in anymore.. hahaa. but.. I cant do that can I...

Hmm. I think that the main part of the job is to be my boss's Personal Assistant.. So after all the craziness. I had a short meeting with her. Haha. All the sofas were taken up so we went to the nearby cafe and had coffee (hot chocolate for me though)... She went over more information and the key performance indicators that I would be rated upon. hahaa. Stress.. Cos I was really like zonked by then.. Heh..
I think that she is a nice lady. Very dynamic.. I would like to say that it is good training for me to be learning from her.. Yup, a tough boss, No nonsense sort.. But she knows what she is doing.. and she has a fire in her belly! hahaa.

I am going to Bangkok next week for training.. Woah.. Exciting. hahaha. SHould I stay a little longer there to go shopping? hmm. Or should I come back for the competition... hmm. I think that I should be responsible to my tuition kids.. I feel bad for them..

Okie, enough details for my day.. God is great.. He has put my love for children, a business degree, my passions all in one thing.. Hmm. while I do not particularly enjoy photocopying and admin.. I see a future in things.. Yup. SO I aM hopeful... Yup.. hee.Work is tiring I tell you. Had to take a nap at 8pm.. Haa. gosh. Oh well. Today is Monday.. I will write more again I guess. Heh. Have a good day too! God is good.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

last days of my bumming life

Weds: Went for medical.. Quite an interesting trip to office. Drove there.. Parents were nice and sweet, so I was spared the long mrt ride.. So I got to my office.. the sweet lady that i was suppose to meet wasnt in town so I had to meet this other guy, my future colleague... he was a bit stuttery. hahaa. quite a funny guy. So I went to the medical. the nurse was qutie grumpy.. but that was alright.. the worst part was the peeing part..I had to do a urine test... but i was really not having any peeing tendencies.. so that was add to it, I was under a time constraint. Gotta pee n have the check up before the clinic closes at 123o. haahhaa. stress:)
After that, had tuition and meeting.. Went back with this girl.. Hmm.quite nice talking to her.. I think I am old.. Now, my favourite activity is good conversations.. so sad.. hahaha. I am getting old.

Today. Haha, I had an interesting day.. Hmm, saw how ugly humans can be like.. The world is not all rosy.. Nope. Not at all.. But we have a choice. Choice to be gracious and be different.. I understand what it means..
What I am doing is completely completely out of my element. Its funny la. I dunno wad to sae... Hmm. Will think about it. I dunno. It is an experience whatever it is.. Hhaha, though I think I look like a ghost. okie then..
Oh well.the last of my days.. WHile I am looking forward to my work next week, I am a little apprenhensive.. though I am learning to not fret. Yup. God is good:) all the time! Hopefully tom is a good day of bumming... hee... Not too long now.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Next chapter in life

Yeah! I got my job.. hahhaa, the one I was going on about the other time.. God is good. I should start believin in his power abilities.. Yup yup. I got an awesome God.. though I am no where near awesome.. Failed again today. Failed to keep my cool, failed to be patient..It really is crap. Oh well, such is life.. I need to decrease and let God increase...:)

I got a natural disposition to fret.. Hmm. psalm 37 says: Fret not yourself; it tends only to evil... I need to stop being a kancheong spider.. O god help me...

On a brighter note, I went to botanic gardens today! heh. and it started raining... quite funny really. Watched Charlie and the chocolate factory. Hee, Willy wonker so does not look like Johnny Depp!!!! hmmm. interesting.

hee.. Alright now. I am happy now, gotta make the most of time before I start work...
Okie, nites. God bless you!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Why believe in this day and age.

I am a christian. A child of God. I believe in Jesus because I know that without him, I am nothing. I believe that I am made with a purpose.. and that He will do his part to change me to ne more like him. I know that I am a fallen person. One who has weaknesses, one who fails by her own account. But because I am so weak, God is my strength. I know that the world is tempting. There are many ways to drift. Many ways to decide is better than faith. I know that God is real. God knows me and so He will see me through. I do what I do because of LOVE.

I just read a blog. It's very disturbing. It's disturbing not because we share different values. Not because she is liberal but I am conservative. Disturbing because being a christian is broken down to rules and regulation. I honestly cross my heart think that I am a christian because I love Jesus. I love Him because I truly know he loves me..

Sigh. I wish that people will noe that too. Being a christian is tough. No doubts about it. Being a Christian has its sacrifices.. It sux sometimes.. But God is good. there is something to be learnt. And I am not being cliche here..

Being arty and liberal.What is the line between a fine art shot of nudity and a mere erotic nude shot. Guys being visual creatures will just say everything is bad.. No doubts about it. But is that true. I have this artistic side that I wanna express. I see beauty in the bare.. But I can onli say that IT IS MEANT TO BE BEAUTIFUL.. God made it. Obviously it is beautiful. Perhaps conservation is for our good in mind. To protect us otherwise. Hmm. just entered a contest. Pray that was a good decision. Some person I respect said that nthg is intrinsically bad(hope i am not hearing what i wanna hear) but I just wanna have some fun( ahha,i noe this does not sound good, but i am being terribly honest) yup. Gosh. I will just pray and be wise.. Oh Lord, I pray this is okie with you...

Okie. Enough ranting.

Something more substantial. I went for an interview yesterday. I think that it was surreal. but nice. I was bombarded with many situational questions. Haha. I dun think I did too well. The lady was rating me there and then. It was quite traumatising. After 40 mins of explaining me and myself. She told me where she is coming from and got me all excited for the job. Got me to see the future but told me the cold hard reality of the present ( I will be the lowest at the food pyramid, I will be the one doing the coffee pouring, photocopying).. but I will be learning.. Learning about cool stuff.. yup yup.. hahaha, I like the goals.. 1) to bear witness for christ. 2) to seek justice 3) to transform lives
Yup, How not to want to work for such a good company (short of the pay). haaha But somethings are more important to me than others I guess. I wanna keep to it.. To know what is very important to me and to stick to it...

Yup yup. I learn that I really do not need to worry about tomorrow, cos tomorrow will worry about itself. Thank you Lord.
Hee, if you managed to finish reading this. I applaud you.Rantings and more rantings.
Thank you Jesus for letting me know you and to have you so real. I love you.